Make education accessible to everyone.

Transform learning through smart deployment of virtual technology.


Level the playing field.

Eliminate barriers that prevent students from accessing technology to enable student learning wherever, whenever and with whatever device is available.


Let students learn.

Cloud enabled access to programs, courses, content and faculty.


Does your campus technology drive student success?

It can, when the technology needed to support learning is accessible to every student.

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Discover the eLumin Difference

Learning Centered

Discover what is possible. We take learning seriously by being insanely focused on delivering better learning experiences and outcomes.

Education First

It isn’t about the cloud. It is about deploying cloud technology to solve education challenges. You teach. We innovate. Students learn.

Innovative Operating Model

We make your vision a reality by combining expertly developed services and software with a highly collaborative partnership methodology.

Deep Expertise

Imagine the possibilities when intellectual curiosity, proven technology expertise, and a passion for learning collide. Sparks fly and learning happens!

Power Scale

No project is too small or too large. Start with a single class or program of study, campus labs, or an entire system. No problem!

We Make Learning Possible

Virtual Computer Labs

Discover increased collaboration, faster content mastery, and improved resource allocation when students have hands-on access to tools previously limited to campus labs.

Remote Learning

Remote teaching and learning requires students and teachers to have access to the right tools and resources. Equip educators to successfully keep students engaged.

Complex Technology

Higher level classes in cybersecurity, programming, and other tech intensive fields often require access to multiple operating systems and extensive data. eLumin’s Learning Lab and Lab Builder bring your lab to any device.

Unlimited Lab Capacity

Process complex workloads for researchers. Increase student access to education. Access to on-campus labs, hardware, and software no longer limit who or how many can participate.

Extended Access

Expand student horizons by eliminating barriers. By leveraging the cloud, students can learn on the devices they have with no need to invest in expensive hardware to take a course.

Transform Learning

Discover how eLumin can help you unlock student potential when technology is accessible to every student.