We make learning possible.

Our mission is to enable learning by simplifying access to technology so that every student can succeed.

At eLumin, we are insanely focused on delivering a quality learning experience that drives student success.

Sure, we’re serious about technology. After all, we are education and technology thought leaders, constantly evaluating how access to technology can spur student achievement.¬†

But, we succeed only if your students succeed. Cloud computing is our tool, but we recognize that technology applied without both eyes locked on the needs, abilities, and circumstances of your students is a tool misused. We work tirelessly to ensure that students are given the tools they need to enhance their ability to explore and to learn.

Core Values


What do you do when no one is looking? We always do the right thing.


We share everything - information, ideas, mistakes, wins... Nothing is hidden.


We have a passion for finding the best solution. We make an impact.

Insanely Customer Focused

We listen. We question. We solve problems. We always deliver beyond expectations.