eLumin releases support for Sassafras LabSight

McLean, VA – February 23, 2021: eLumin is excited to announce support for Sassafras LabSight. 

eLumin’s Virtual Desktop offering allows colleges and universities around the country to quickly and easily deploy computer labs in the cloud. Whether they are specialized high-end purpose built labs or general computing facilities, your students can gain access to the applications they need, anywhere, anytime, from virtually any device. With support for Sassafras’ LabSight colleges and universities are able to gain insight on application and license usage to understand how their students, faculty, and staff are using their virtual environments. 

This year has accelerated the need for schools to think differently about how best to support students with the technology available to them. Dennis Tilford, Lead Academic Lab Technology Consultant at Cal Poly Pomona describes his experience working with Sassafras and eLumin. “Because of COVID-19 Cal Poly Pomona went to a virtual classroom environment for the 2020-2021 Fall Semester. Cal Poly Pomona selected eLumin to build the Virtual Desktop environment, To better understand how Cal Poly Pomona’s students were utilizing the new virtual environment I would use Sassafras KeyServer to measure program utilization, but my management wanted more information like who was logging in, what lab was being used etc. The extremely responsive and professional teams from Sassafras and eLumin were able to provide the tools for Cal Poly Pomona to run the needed reports. I can now run reports to monitor user logins, track and monitor what programs and stacks are being used and for how long.”

“Understanding how users are using virtual desktops is important for optimizing resources” said Mohammad A. Haque, CTO of eLumin. “Once we know how long users are on the virtual desktops and which applications are being used, we can start making recommendations on optimizing licensing counts and even determine which applications were requested to be available but never used.”

“Like Sassafras, eLumin is driven to help customers succeed by listening to their challenges and engineering innovative solutions,” said Julian Devlin, President of Sassafras. “In fact, our partnership with eLumin is a great example of that: a mutual customer asked for help optimizing our products to work well together, and not only did we make that happen, but now we’ve made the integration official.”

This latest partnership with Sassafras reinforces eLumin’s core mission, to optimize and deliver software resources to students to help reduce the digital divide, introduce equity in learning, and provide anywhere/anytime access to increase student outcomes.

eLumin can integrate your existing licensing for LabSight or provide licensing as a part of the Virtual Desktop or Learning Lab environments. Integration with Sassafras LabSight is  available now, please contact our sales team for more details.

About Sassafras

For over 30 years, Sassafras has helped IT Administrators manage software and hardware assets with our complete IT Asset Management Suite, AllSight. Our newest product, Sassafras LabSight, is the perfect addition to any virtual computer lab, providing detailed software usage tracking with very little resource overhead.

About eLumin

eLumin is founded on the belief that technology should never get in the way of life, learning, or accomplishment, and a student’s ability to work, learn, and interact should extend beyond the bounds of a traditional campus. The advent of cloud computing has provided an unprecedented opportunity to realize our vision to make learning possible for all students.

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