Introducing Student Pay

McLean, VA – July 8, 2019: eLumin announced today Student Pay allowing students to pay directly for their cloud resources, including virtual desktops and application services, used in their coursework. Much like a technology or lab fee, students are able to purchase access to the resources they need for a particular course or a number of courses they’re enrolled. This payment model makes consistent dynamic learning environments available to all students regardless of their location or device, for the price of a textbook.

“Rolling out Student Pay is a win for both the student and the university. Student Pay provides universities the gateway for provisioning high-performance technology to their students for a fraction of the cost of building out expensive computer labs or providing students with hardware packages that need consistent updating and maintenance,” said Greg M. Smith, eLumin’s President. Smith continued, “Our goal is to provide all students with the same level of access to the technology they need to be successful in completing their coursework. No longer will department budget restrictions or individual student financial status determine who has access to robust computing resources. Inclusive in the price of their semester lab fee is everything needed for a student to be successful in the learning.”

How it works: When a student accesses their lab resources for the first time, if they haven’t paid their lab fee, they will be presented with a form to complete payment, once completed they will get an email indicating that their desktop or applications are ready to use. The students will then have access to these resources for the duration of the provisioned period tied to their course/s.

Student Pay is just one of several methods available to procure eLumin services like Classroom Virtual Desktop, Sandbox, and Sandbox Builder. Through a partnership with Carahsoft, colleges and universities are able to subscribe to eLumin services and leverage existing contracts like NASPO ValuePoint or state specific contracts like the Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program.

In addition, Classroom Virtual Desktop and Open Access Lab products are available for purchase in the AWS Marketplace. This allows colleges and universities that are AWS customers to purchase subscriptions for eLumin’s platform easily and quickly.

About eLumin

eLumin is founded on the belief that technology should never get in the way of life, learning, or accomplishment, and a student’s ability to work, learn, and interact should extend beyond the bounds of a traditional campus. The advent of cloud computing has provided an unprecedented opportunity to realize our vision to make learning possible for all students.

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