Get More Done.

eLumin leverages technology and education expertise to design and support the cloud-based solutions that previously were stuck at the imagination and planning stages.

Managed Services

As you migrate to cloud technologies to support expanding expectations from students and faculty, eLumin provides ongoing services designed to complement in-house expertise. Our flexible service options:

  • Rely on decades of education IT experience
  • Focus on Tier 2 Support for IT and faculty
  • Provide ongoing image updates
  • Include LMS integration
  • Leverage the eLumin portal 
  • Manage cost optimization 

Campus Proof of Concept

Thinking about moving away from your expensive on-premises VDI to a cloud-based solution but not quite ready to dive into the deep end? Then dip your toe into the latest Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology with eLumin’s Campus Proof of Concept. 

With Campus Proof of Concept, you select up to 10 of your own applications to use with your choice of eLumin’s persistent on non-persistent virtual desktop. And you can access these tools with the same credentials you’re accustomed to using, making the transition seamless and transparent. 

eLumin will build and configure your environment to your specifications, assuring your students, faculty, and staff have access to the computing resources they need to succeed. Campus Proof of Concept includes access to 10 concurrent users for 30 days and VPN connectivity for authorization and licensing servers. 

So, get your feet wet and inquire about the benefits of a Campus Proof of Concept engagement.

eLumin’s Campus Proof of Concept is the low-risk first step towards transforming how learning happens. Following your experience, eLumin will be on hand to guide an expanded implementation.

Campus Jump Start

As the name implies, eLumin Campus Jump Start is designed to move from ideation to execution quickly and collaboratively. 

Your dedicated project manager is charged with defining requirements based on your vision of the learning experience and then gathering eLumin engineers and education experts to design, build, test, and put your new environment into production. And all this happens in less than 4 weeks!


  • Collaboration
  • Project Definition
  • Vision


  • Engineers
  • Educators
  • Design


  • eLumin
  • User Acceptance
  • Stakeholder Feedback


  • Go live!