Transform learning through smart deployment of virtual technology.

Learning happens when every student has access to technology and tools without device or location limitations.

Virtual Desktop

Whether you require a “laptop in the cloud” or the power that today’s resource-intensive applications demand, eLumin has a virtual desktop to meet your needs.

Manage student access to specialized software, curricula, or other resources based on major, course, class section, or other criteria. eLumin Virtual Desktop access is transparent to students and faculty via single sign-on  from existing student portals or integration with your Learning Management System (LMS) using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). With no software to install, there is less “tech support” and more time for teaching. All from any device, wherever, whenever.

Virtual applications extend access to students outside of the lab and classroom.


Revolutionize learning with virtual applications. Non-persistent and scalable, with non-persistent, virtual applications, you can deliver anything from the simplest applications to the types of GPU, CPU, or memory-intensive software used in 3D design, engineering, and other technical disciplines. Multiple directory-based integration options.

  • Full desktop and application catalog views
  • Real-time observation of student work
  • Geographic load balancing
  • Support for IP/Cloud printing
  • Support for HTML5 browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge
  • Tier 2 Support
  • Cloud cost optimization
  • Fully managed/supported environment


Think of a “laptop in the cloud.” A virtual desktop is persistent, so it belongs to a student throughout her course, program, or lifetime at your institution.  

  • Accessible from macOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, and Zero/Thin clients
  • Available in a cloud-based Windows 7 or Windows 10 environment
  • Leverage your existing campus technology and licenses
  • Support for IP/Cloud printing
  • Access to campus resources (ie: license server, file shares, etc.)
  • Tier 2 Support
  • Fully managed/supported environment

“Laptops in the cloud” allow students to access educational tools in the classroom and on their own devices.

Virtual Classroom

eLumin’s virtual classroom delivers to your students hands-on experience in the tools they’ll be using after they graduate, without the need for multiple devices or repetitive software installations.

Learning Lab is designed to deliver on-demand and secure virtual labs, ideal for simulations and technical programs.

Learning Lab

Designed with technical and research-intensive disciplines in mind, eLumin’s Learning Lab brings the lab to any device. No need for software installation across multiple machines and all the tech support that entails. Students can even provision, reboot, and reset their own environments with the click of a button. Secure, scalable, and ideal for simulations, Learning Lab brings hands-on learning to students in technical programs without straining instructors and IT departments.

  • Deploy complex networks, operating system configurations, and software
  • Persistent and non-persistent orchestrated Windows, Linux and macOS environments
  • Provides an isolated and secure environment to support the specialized needs of programs like Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis, Operating Systems, Programming, and Xcode Development
  • Support for Windows and Linux virtual machines
  • Fully managed/supported environment

Learning Lab Builder

If Learning Lab is your classroom’s engine, Lab Builder is the fuel injected into your Learning Lab implementation. Simplify creation of your catalog of Learning Labs by customizing eLumin’s lab templates to support your unique instructional needs, then deploy those labs to classes with the click of a button. Lab Builder leaves the configuration to eLumin, so your staff can focus on the content they want to deliver to their students. Let Lab Builder turbo charge your virtual labs and send your students to the winner’s circle.

  • Provision access for students to Virtual Desktop and Learning Lab environments
  • Select from a pre-defined service catalog of operating systems including:
    • Windows Server 2012/2016/2019
    • CentOS
    • Ubuntu
    • Kali Linux
  • Role based access to support Instructors, teaching assistants, and site administrators
  • Approval workflow to ensure the integrity of the student experience
  • Create secure environments to mirror real-world scenarios
  • Effectively control costs with built-in management and thresholds
  • Fully managed/supported environment

Lab Builder allows educators to create and share new learning environments.